The dental laser is the latest in modern innovations for the 21st Century and is a new paradigm for patient comfort, according a painless experience and furthermore providing for minimally invasive treatments with no postoperative discomfort, swelling or morbidity The laser is revolutionizing dental care—just as it has in so many other areas of our lives. ugg homme nike air max 95 nike magista pas cher canada goose pas cher canada goose Blousons Let technology transform your life…step into Painless, Precision, and Minimally Invasive Dentistry, into a delightful and gratifying experience. newbalance pas cher nike tn Achat chaussure Puma timberland chaussures moncler soldes But why the choice of Laser Treatments?

Laser surgery does not mandate or require anaesthetic injections. canada goose soldes puma canada goose pas cher Chaussures Homme Asics Baskets homme Puma prix doudoune moncler (Not needed in > 93% of patients). Canada Goose Langford Parka New Balance Baskets Femme nike air presto nike air max 1 puma sneakers Timberland Pas Cher The laser itself being a sterilizing radiation, it imparts a Bactericidal effect on the surgical area. air max thea moncler soldes Baskets Puma asics sitemap ugg australia pas cher canada goose paris This is of paramount importance in treating diseases of the gums where non-invasive (without cutting with surgical blade) sterilizing of diseased gums can be effected. moncler en ligne timberland chaussures Doudoune Canada Goose ugg soldes 2018 Thereby precluding the need for sutures to be placed and thereafter to be removed, avoiding the necessity of a mandatory course of antibiotics and furthermore avoids the need to endure a periodontal dressing in the mouth.

Time saved – Most Laser procedures are easily done in 10 minutes or less than that. puma chaussures veste canada goose ugg homme moncler homme soldes nike flyknit lunar nike air max tavas This means less time on the Dental Chair.

What kind of after-effects can I expect?

The dental laser often eliminates or mitigates the unpleasant after-effects associated with many conventional or normal dental procedures in dental surgery such as soreness, bleeding, inflammation, need to place stitches, and numbness. nike hypervenom timberland chaussures ugg australia pas cher femme puma chaussure puma chaussure 2018 canada goose en ligne chaussures puma pas cher vente de newbalance After laser surgery there is absolutely no bleeding, hence there is no necessity to place stitches after laser surgery and thereby no need to return to the dental clinic to remove them, no need to take antibiotics before or after laser surgery and painkillers are not needed most often or if needed very minimal. ugg outlet france timberland pas cher Canada Goose France timberland soldes

Will it hurt?

Most patients find laser procedures remarkably comfortable. ugg outlet france nike femme Canada Goose Soldes asics chaussures Asics Homme nike cortez The treatments are so comfortable in fact, that in many cases, no numbing or injections are required. ugg outlet france uggs pas cher en ligne New Balance Baskets nike air max 2017 doudoune moncler new balance pas cher vente de asics asics 2018 sitemap People who have experienced laser treatment report feeling nothing more than the touch of the handpiece and an occasional slight sensation of warmth or heat. nike femme pas cher timberland pas cher nike homme puma chaussure 2018 chaussures asics newbalance 2018 Most patients report back for further treatments and appointments because they were delighted with the treatment.

Do I qualify?

The Laser surgery does not have any contraindications, even for Cardiac Patients, Diabetics or Hypertensives (High Blood Pressure) and in even in pregnant patients in the last trimester. timberland Canada Goose FR prix Canada Goose FR France basket timberland ugg pas cher nike roshe run 2017 ugg australia pas cher femme In fact it is a boon to such patients as it is a beneficial sterilizing radiation.

Soft Tissue and other Procedures

Vestibuloplasty – This is a painless minor surgical procedure done by Laser to effect an extension of the denture bearing area in patients who have lost all their teeth.

Frenectomy – Removal of the Tissue between the upper front teeth that causes a gap between front teeth, done bloodlessly and painlessly only with topical (on the skin) application of Local Anaesthetic gel

Flapless Periodontal treatment of pockets less than 8-10mm (LANAP) and Gingivectomy – People who have bleeding or enlarged gums can be treated with Lasers and their gums can be recontoured or the infection in the gums treated without injections and only with topical application of Local Anaesthetics.

Operculectomy – People who have trouble and pain when their wisdom tooth is coming (erupting) or in little children whose teeth are coming out (erupting) and it is painful or delayed, the Laser can uncover the tooth bloodlessly and painlessly, again only with topical application of Local Anaesthetics.

Sialoliths – Sometimes especially in children, the saliva gets blocked in the channel or duct that brings saliva. veste homme canada goose pas cher nike air max 2015 moncler paris puma 2018 basket puma homme This then swells up; this can only be removed in a Dental Clinic by a Laser and only with topical application of Local Anaesthetics and without post-operative stiches. Canada Goose Femme nike running homme nike air max 2016 Otherwise it has to be done in a well-equipped hospital operation theatre under General Anaesthesia

Mucocele – In children or adults sometimes lip biting can cause the small salivary glands in the lips to get swollen up and can be painful and get repeatedly traumatized. nike air max flyknit 2017 air max thea blanche asics homme pas cher Achat Puma nike air presto air max thea This can be removed with the dental Laser easily and without post-operative stiches with topical application of Local Anaesthetics.

Desensitization – The sharp, piercing pain experienced when you eat or drink hot or cold foods can be treated with the Laser in minimal time. nike air max 90 femme gris rose Bottes UGG En Ligne nike air max tavas basket timberland newbalance 2018 nike femme acheter newbalance en ligne soldes puma sneakers Visit our clinics to experience this first hand.

Fibroma/ Tissue Excision – Soft tissue masses in your mouth due to your cheek biting or subsequent to trauma can be removed bloodlessly and painlessly using a dental laser with only topical application of Local Anaesthetics

Hard Tissue Procedures

Implant uncovering in second stage surgery – In Implant treatments after the implants have been placed and after they have healed in bone (3-4 months later) the gums have to be opened by a 2nd stage surgery to uncover the implants. chaussure asics pas cher canada goose ugg france Timberland Soldes chaussures puma roshe run This can be done bloodlessly and painlessly with only topical application of Local Anaesthetics. newbalance chaussures bottes ugg pas cher Timberland Pas Cher Doudoune Canada Goose Homme chaussures puma pas cher The absence of post-operative swelling allows us to make the impressions for the crowns on the same day and obviates the need for healing caps to be worn around the implants for an additional 2 more weeks by the patients before final impressions can be made. nike air max 97 moncler soldes nike tn pas cher homme

Root Canal Sterilization – Successful Root Canal Treatment requires the canals to be totally free of bacteria. acheter asics pas cher ugg outlet ugg zalando puma chaussure 2018 Baskets Puma This can be achieved by Laser assisted endodontic treatment techniques and completes the treatment effectively giving you the protection and assurance of a comprehensive and enduring treatment.

Fig 1 – Laser beam scattering in the root canal dentin, causes killing of bacteria

Pain Relief

Painless Healing of Apthous or other ulcers – Mouth Ulcers can be painful and can prevent us from enjoying our food and can even interfere with speech. asics sneakers 2018 canada goose Canada Goose FR ugg soldes 2018 Visit our dental clinic where we can take away your pain just in one sitting and can speed up the healing of the Mouth/Apthous ulcer

Fig 2 – Herpetic Ulcer Pretreatment (Left) Post treatment (Right)

TMJ Pain relief or Arthritic Pain or Accelerating Orthodontic Tooth Movement – Some patients have pain the jaw joint, right in front of the ear, we can treat it with the laser and can take away the pain.

So also we can increase the rate of tooth movement in Fixed Orthodontics and shorten the time you need to wear braces.

Esthetic or Cosmetic Procedures

Laser Bleaching – Enjoy our Laser Bleaching procedure, which accords tooth whitening at a lesser time and lesser/without post-operative tooth sensitivity too.

Fig 3 – Laser Bleaching Preoperative (Left) Postoperative (right)

Depigmentation – Some patients have dark gums, this can be quite unaesthetic particularly when they smile and the gum shows a lot. canada goose pas cher ugg pas cher nike air max doudoune femme moncler pas cher puma 2018 pas cher Aesthetics is derived from the contrast of the whiteness of the teeth set against the pink colour of the gums and lips. Bottes UGG Pas Cher France newbalance chaussures Depigmentation with the Laser allows the darkness of the gums to be changed into pinkish in a short procedure only under topical application of Local Anaesthetic.

Fig 4 – Depigmentation – Preoperative (Left) and Postoperative (Right)

Gingival re-contouring or Crown Lengthening Procedures – Gums are the esthetic frame against which the white teeth are set. puma pas cher nike air max 95 puma pas cher If the gums are too bulky or have irregular contours the beauty of the smile is affected and blemished.