Loss of teeth is physically and psychologically distressing. nike air max 2015 nike air max 95 timberland boots homme Moncler doudounes femmes moncler pas cher Doudoune Canada Goose nike air max 95 canada goose 2019 moncler Various treatment modalities have been given traditionally for the replacement of teeth; these include Removable options using plastic (acrylic) dentures or Fixed options using porcelain or metal teeth cemented on to the prepared remaining dentition after cutting sound enamel and dentin to make space for the crown material. Dental Implants (titanium fixtures) inserted into the jawbone to constitute the roots of the missing teeth) provide for stable replacement of teeth and provide physiologic comfort and aesthetic perfection. Fig.1 – Titanium Implants (endosseous) in bone – Fixed natural solutions to missing teeth

Removable Dentures have now been relegated to the pages of past history. bottes timberland newbalance 2018 pas cher puma homme moncler soldes nike pas cher asics homme pas cher uggs pas cher en ligne Don’t let plastic and metal dentures get in the way of enjoying your food as you always did. acheter newbalance nike chaussure asics 2018 canada goose paris Moncler enfant doudoune pas cher doudoune canada goose chaussures new balance moncler Doudounes

Plastic dentures made of acrylic can interfere with your taste sensations and also will not perform in harmony with how your jaws and tongue move and function. acheter asics nike hypervenom timberland chaussures chaussure Puma canada goose nike air max homme Furthermore they can interfere with your speech and pronunciation and this can subconsciously affect your levels of confidence and the hallmarks of your personality

So come and seek out custom made solutions replacing teeth for your case in particular.

Implant-supported reconstructions of the missing or lost dentition have become a well-established treatment option and are now the standard of care in dental medicine. canada goose paris new balance Homme pas cher puma 2018 pas cher acheter newbalance moncler femme basket timberland nike air max 2015 nike free pas chers The possibilities are endless in differing clinical scenarios and can be tailored to specifically meet your expectations of achieving a successful, functional, and stable treatment outcome.

The Advantages of Dental Implant Restoration of your teeth include:-

  1. Fixed natural solutions: Your Implants supported teeth feel just like your natural teeth. bottes timberland Timberland Pas Cher new balance femme pas cher nike femme canada goose en ligne nike air max tn nike air force 1 vente de newbalance They require the same care in brushing and flossing. timberland femme chaussures puma 2018 timberland boots homme nike air tn canada goose 2019 soldes online canada goose Canada Goose France They give you the choice of having any food you would like to have, soft or hard. tn requin pas cher pour femme tn requin pas cher homme doudoune femme moncler pas cher soldes puma chaussures doudoune canada goose ugg boots acheter asics ugg pas cher femme roshe run

  2. Confidence and Self Esteem: You do not have the embarrassing need to take out and clean your teeth after every meal like Removable dentures and also you can smile with the supreme confidence that your teeth are perfectly lifelike

  3. Comfort in Speech and Eating: You can speak clearly without plastic dentures interfering with your tongue or palate and can eat in comfort without having plastic dentures chafing against your jaws and moving differently from the rhythm of your jaws movement.

  4. Age in Grace: Implant supported restorations give you long term solutions, if well maintained. nike air max 90 canada goose paris timberland moncler puma chaussure 2018 Timberland pour hommes doudoune moncler pas cher bottes timberland pas cher timberland homme canada goose paris canada goose beige The first implants placed by Dr. Chaussures New Balance canada goose nike air tn nike cortez asics chaussures P.I. nike air max 95 NEW BALANCE en France asicss 2018 pas cher canada goose nike air presto pas cher canada goose 2018 Achat chaussure Puma air max thea pas cher Branemark in his patients in 1965 still remained in place for the next 40 years (we use the same brand of implants, ie., Nobel Biocare©, also in Avenues Dental Centre)

  5. Better Oral Health and Easier Maintenance: Implant supported restorations don’t require cutting of enamel and dentin of other adjacent natural teeth like in Fixed Prosthodontic Restorations (Crown and Bridge). canada goose en ligne nike free run air max 90 femme asics en ligne canada goose pas cher air max 90 femme So your natural teeth are left Intact and do not have the chance of getting food lodged under crowns and the subsequent decay because of food lodgement and also allows you easy access between the teeth for flossing and brushing and thereby gives you better chance to maintain Oral Hygiene.

Do You Qualify for Implant Supported Restorations? – If you have missing teeth and have healthy gums, then there are no absolute contraindications to you seeking Dental Implant restoration. nike air max 2017 timberland pas cher Timberland Pas Cher asics en ligne chaussure Puma Soldes Timberland Canada Goose Trillium Parka Bottes UGG Pas Cher France En Ligne

If you are a diabetic you will need to control your blood sugar levels and if you are a smoker you need to control it

Otherwise there is no Age, Gender or Racial Limits

Smoking Cessation Protocol Link

Does Insurance Cover this Treatment? – Yes, We at Avenues Dental Centre does have tie ups with various Insurance companies. new balance femme pas cher nike tn femme Moncler doudoune pas cher basket nike air max acheter newbalance acheter chaussures nike puma 2018 pas cher ugg sitemap Bottes UGG En Ligne nike air max 90 homme Come and visit and see if your Insurance Plan fits in.

Stages in Implant Rehabilitation

Stage 1: After careful treatment planning using your full mouth X-rays or combined with Cone Beam Computerized Tomography scans, we would do a controlled surgical placement of your implant (usually 30min -1hour)

Is it painful? Is It Elaborate? – The procedure is done under Local Anaesthesia and you will be able to resume all other duties immediately. moncler Doudounes bottes ugg soldes puma 2018 pas cher nike air max 95 ugg enfant air max 90 femme Chaussures New Balance new balance pas cher Basket nike 2018 You will be asked not to chew on that side and not to eat too hot or too cold foods and painkillers and antibiotics would be prescribed. acheter asics ugg pas cher canada goose nike free pas chers canada goose pas cher asics en ligne timberland pas cher new balance sitemap nike air max flyknit Canada Goose FR nike cortez Mostly the slight discomfort or pain will disappear in a day.

Stage 2: This is usually done after 2-3 months for the lower jaw (mandible) or 4 months for the upper jaw. newbalance 2018 pas cher doudoune moncler pas cher chaussure asics pas cher doudoune canada goose pas cher timberland soldes nike air presto femme bordeaux Achat chaussure Puma moncler soldes newbalance pas cher ugg outlet france The Implant is uncovered and impressions of your jaw is made to make the crowns and/dentures.

The crowns / dentures are then cemented or screwed on to Implant supported abutments.

Can I Avoid Stage 2 and have teeth immediately: This treatment option is called Immediate Implantation with Immediate loading protocol.