Dental Studio aims at preventive strategies designed towards the prevention of tooth decay and also the development of a healthy dentition and therefore an enduring and pleasing smile. Canada Goose Femme bottes ugg soldes nike pegasus Our clinic also focusses on the prevention of tooth loss and augmenting existing support to teeth. basket timberland moncler soldes nike air huarache Canada Goose Parka These aspects of our care are aimed at treatment areas which can delay or eliminate future loss of teeth and the associated psychological and emotional distress of losing teeth. new balance pas cher new balance 2018 pas cher timberland femme asics homme pas cher ugg classic Basse

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Prenatal and Antenatal Counselling Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry, of which Dr. nike air max 2015 moncler pas cher soldes newbalance Sheen Ann John has specialized in, is a speciality of dentistry that focuses towards protective, proactive and pre-emptive methodologies which are aimed at ensuring good oral health in our tiny tots. chaussures asics pas cher asics en ligne timberland femme nike air max 2013 Dental Studio stresses on such methodologies by having Prenatal with expectant mothers and Antenatal counselling with mothers with new borns and educates them about the importance of their oral health and the oral health of her children. basket nike air max 1 chaussures puma tn requin pas cher homme Basket nike 2018 nike tn pas cher homme Control of oral diseases in pregnant women has the potential to reduce the transmission of oral bacteria from mothers to their children. chaussure timberland homme soldes puma puma pas cher Good oral health and control of oral disease protects a woman’s health and quality of life and has the potential to reduce the transmission of pathogenic bacteria from mothers to their children. canada goose ugg pas cher nike running homme moncler Other approaches include assessing the risk for oral diseases in children starting in the first year itself by identifying risk indicators We would look for clinical findings of heavy accumulation of plaque or any signs of decalcification (white spot lesions) particularly in children with Special health care needs (developmental delays or disabilities). timberland soldes asics soldes Canada Goose Femme air max soldes pas cher moncler nike air max flyknit ugg france Thereafter, we could provide necessary treatment for children assessed to be at increased risk for oral disease or in whom carious lesions or white spot lesions are identified. Timberland Pas Cher nike air max 2015 moncler homme soldes chaussures puma asics pas cher Such counselling helps to impress upon the parents or caregiver the importance of the child’s milk teeth (e.g., avoid pain and suffering, for proper nutrition, avoidance of decay in permanent dentition, loss of school attendance, to save space for permanent teeth, for proper speech development). chaussure Puma air max thea blanche nike kwazi Preventive treatment modalities

Preventive Prosthodontics – Ways at preventing (further) tooth loss

Preventive Prosthodontics strives for dental caries (decay) prevention through plaque control measures such as professional scaling and cleaning and regular check-up with a view of preventing any reason for tooth loss or damage to tooth structures. timberland homme nike air max 2016 soldes newbalance ugg femme pas cher nike air max bw It also intends to identify patients with a potential risk of tooth loss or decay such as in our senior citizens or older patients there would be a decreased rate of salivary flow and this itself could reduce the body’s own protective mechanisms to prevent tooth decay. veste canada goose newbalance 2018 Moncler doudoune pas cher nike air max tavas doudoune moncler nike air presto femme bordeaux The saliva has got repairing abilities through buffering potential by calcium ions and also has enzymes that protect against harmful bacteria. Achat chaussure Puma nike air max thea This decreased salivary flow coupled with acidic conditions in the mouth by consumption of soft drinks or even stomach acidity can cause the dissolution of calcium from the enamel of the tooth especially near the gums. timberland homme new balance femme pas cher nike femme timberland soldes moncler pas cher magasin uggs pas cher This is called Cervical Erosion or Cervical Abrasion when the softened enamel (softened by acid) in this region gets abraded away. asics 2018 Doudoune Canada Goose Femme chaussure asics pas cher asics soldes Timberland Soldes basket timberland doudoune moncler This then leads to gums receding and leaving the roots exposed eventually and the first symptoms the patient experiences is Dentinal Sensitivity, which is a sharp, shooting or stinging pain from the teeth/tooth in response to hot and cold foods.

Preventive Prosthodontic protocols also allow the early diagnosis of patients who have clenching or bruxism of teeth, mostly this grinding of teeth happens during sleep but can happen even in the day and the individual is mostly unaware of this habit. nike air max pas cher air max thea nike tn femme doudoune moncler pas cher bottes ugg pas cher air max thea pas cher It is an evidence of stress and this leads to heavy wear of the teeth leading to a mutilated dentition and premature tooth loss. nike air max 2012 ugg australia veste canada goose pas cher Another symptom such patients have is pain of the jaws and its joint (in front of the teeth), which even radiates to the neck and headaches too. Chaussures Homme Asics canada goose pas cher canada goose Blousons moncler soldes newbalance nike air max 2015 Such patients are given Night guards made of soft, cushioning material to be worn over the teeth at night and a stage wise occlusal treatment is performed to build up the lost tooth structure and restore chewing function. chaussures asics pas cher ugg outlet air max homme ugg pas cher femme This helps to restore jaw health and avoids the abnormal jaw habits. moncler pas cher asics sitemap air max homme nike roshe run nike chaussures Moncler doudoune pas cher moncler canada goose beige

Sometimes patients also have a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, this can lead to further complications such as hypertension, cardiac problems and stress. newbalance 2018 chaussure timberland femme moncler moncler 2018 nike mercurial Prosthodontics offers solutions for such patients through mandibular advancement appliances like soft palate lifters, tongue retainers, mandibular repositioners or through non-invasive laser treatments like laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) which is done without anaesthetic injections and painless.

Identification of Occlusal interferences, which are tooth contacts that inhibits the remaining teeth from achieving stable and harmonious contact with their opposing counterparts, is also an essential part of the preventive stratagem. nike requin timberland femme pas cher Timberland Homme asics en ligne timberland pas cher timberland soldes Occlusal interferences can thereafter lead to muscle hypertrophy, muscle fatigue, spasm, headaches, cranio‑mandibular dysfunction syndrome, wear of teeth, fractured teeth and finally tooth mobility. Canada Goose France canada goose paris canada goose pas cher Preventive Prosthodontics also provides aids to young individuals who are involved in sports activities (contact sports) such as soccer, football, rugby, wrestling or boxing which gives protection of the dentoalveolar (jaws and teeth) structures through prosthesis such as mouth guards. nike air max pas cher nike air max 90 In the event that the patient has to be subjected to radiation therapy for cancer, we design radiation shields for such patients, which protect the adjacent teeth and structures around the radiated area from inadvertent damage by directing the radiation towards a particular area of the mouth that is affected only and shielding the other areas. nike air max 95 magasin uggs pas cher en ligne air max 90 femme nike air presto pas cher nike magista A lot of patients experience mucositis (ulceration of the cheek and tongue tissue (mucosa) in the mouth) and even loss of healthy teeth because of the failure to use such guards. NEW BALANCE en France bottes timberland moncler homme soldes nike magista pas cher Preventive Prosthodontics basically aspires towards avoiding extractions as much as possible and preserving the existing teeth even if it means they are already just root stumps or in advanced states of decay. nike internationalist canada goose Bottes UGG Pas Cher France En Ligne This is possible through employing treatment modalities like:- Overdentures – A partial denture or complete denture that rests on one or more remaining natural teeth, the roots of natural teeth and / or dental implants The provide enduring advantages like preservation of jaw (alveolar) bone, also the periodontal membrane under the overdenture gives the patient a sense of discrimination between food substances and hence a natural feel, furthermore the overdenture literally does not move and is almost like fixed teeth.