The term “Minimal Invasive Dentistry” can best be defined as the management of tooth decay and dental procedures with a biological approach, rather than with a traditional (surgical) operative dentistry approach. chaussures puma pas cher canada goose pas cher nike mercurial vapor Canada Goose Trillium Parka bottes ugg acheter newbalance en ligne nike air max 1 veste homme canada goose pas cher air max thea pas cher Canada Goose France asics en ligne moncler soldes asics chaussures Canada Goose Femme moncler paris veste canada goose pas cher canada goose pas cher PUMA en soldes nike dunk nike homme pas cher Where operative dentistry is required, this is now carried out in the most conservative manner with minimal destruction of tooth structure and soft tissue. moncler soldes ugg classic Basse newbalance 2018 nike tn prix doudoune moncler ugg australia pas cher doudoune moncler soldes asics homme pas cher moncler pas cher ugg australia pas cher soldes puma chaussures Canada Goose Trillium Parka nike sb timberland bottes ugg chaussure Puma timberland soldes Parka canada goose ugg outlet france timberland soldes asics chaussures These treatment modalities are directed towards halting the disease process and then to restore lost tooth structure or damaged tissue and reestablish oral function at the earliest without pain or edema and finally maximizing the healing potential of the body itself through stimulation of the body’s own defense systems. ugg homme ugg soldes 2018 Chaussures New Balance nike dunk soldes puma moncler pas cher new balance pas cher PUMA en soldes chaussures asics moncler soldes ugg outlet france nike air max 90 homme nike air max pas cher ugg sitemap bottes ugg soldes canada goose moncler paris botte ugg solde vente de asics chaussures asics pas cher Much of these objectives are easily achievable through Laser Dentistry and conventional and traditional approaches to dentistry pale in comparison to Laser assisted dental treatments and surgical procedures. asics en ligne nike air huarache puma pas cher Achat chaussure Puma puma 2018 pas cher bottes timberland pas cher asics 2018 puma chaussures ugg australia pas cher puma pas cher nike air max 90 homme bottes ugg soldes ugg pas cher femme nike internationalist nike air max 97 nike air max 95 nike air max 2017 nike air max 2012 basket nike nike femme pas cher Some of these advantages include:

  • Eliminates the need for injections anesthesia in most surgeries, only topical anesthetic gel is required, virtually pain ‘less’ or painfree
  • Eliminates the need for stitches in most laser assisted surgical procedures
  • Eliminates the need for post-operative antibiotics courses and hence lessens the load of medication
  • Faster treatment time
  • Little or no bleeding both intraoperatively and post operatively
  • Lesser discomfort both intraoperatively and post operatively
  • Faster recovery, little or no edema(swelling) post operatively and hence lesser morbidity
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Increased precision and accuracy and hence lesser trauma
  • Leaves more healthy gum tissue and tooth structure than some surgeries
  • Less invasive than most surgical options
  • No drilling

Most of these above mentioned advantages are because the Laser induces the body’s own host mechanisms to heal itself, for example in speeding up the inflammatory process after injury by stimulation of the cells involved in effecting healing, there would be little or no post-operative swelling or oedema. nike air presto soldes air max pas cher soldes newbalance bottes timberland Canada Goose Langford Parka asics sitemap nike tn femme doudoune canada goose pas cher moncler paris nike cortez nike air max 1 Canada Goose Homme Timberland FR asicss 2018 pas cher asics sneakers 2018 bottes ugg soldes Intraoperatively the Laser is able to numb the nerve fibres by the light energy and this is why surgery can be performed without injections or in rare cases where it is needed fewer shots are necessitated. Moncler doudoune pas cher air max homme timberland soldes nike air max thea soldes puma chaussure ugg femme Bottes UGG Pas Cher France Baskets Puma timberland sitemap basket nike air max 1 ugg soldes 2018 bottes timberland Achat chaussure Puma puma chaussures soldes puma moncler soldes nike air presto femme bordeaux timberland The Erbium laser can selectively remove damaged or decayed tooth with a precision of under 200microns and a Diode Laser can perform a soft tissue surgery with a precision around 800microns. chaussure timberland femme Bottes UGG En Ligne Timberland Femme Pas Cher asics sitemap ugg outlet france ugg australia new balance Homme pas cher puma 2018 pas cher Doudoune Canada Goose moncler sitemap vente de newbalance moncler pas cher moncler paris puma pas cher soldes puma acheter newbalance chaussures puma pas cher prix doudoune moncler Both Lasers can effectively reduce bacterial counts and therefore mitigate the chance of port operative infection or triggering of the body’s inflammatory response to infection by oedema and redness. nike air presto femme bordeaux soldes puma sneakers nike air force 1 Timberland Homme nike air presto pas cher doudoune canada goose newbalance chaussures nike pegasus chaussures new balance asics sneakers canada goose pas cher new balance femme pas cher ugg australia pas cher chaussures new balance nike air max 95 asics sneakers 2018 Soldes Timberland nike homme pas cher nike air max 97 canada goose 2019 canada goose The sealing of blood vessels not only give the benefit of no postoperative bleeding or oozing but also reduce the chance for bacterial colonization and infection too.