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Removal of Tartar and Plaque

As John C. Maxwell put it, “The secret to success is in one’s daily routine”. Routine removal of dental plaque and tartar (calculus) is necessary in addition to the normal brushing and flossing of teeth that one does every day.

Plaque does build up insidiously and stealthily within the nooks and crannies between the teeth that one may not pay attention to routinely. A professional check up by your dentist can not only take care of this but also can verify the efficacy of your brushing technique and make suggestions to improving it or modifying your approach to cleaning your teeth. A failure to do so results in long standing plaque getting hardened over time and being calcified into Tartar or Calculus. These deposits are often on the inner surfaces of teeth and may go unnoticed over months and years, the immediate result being bad breath and in some case an altered taste sensation. One may not perceive this in the immediate context, but close friends and associates would and this may be detrimental or deriding in social and professional echelons. Such plaque and tartar when left on the teeth for a long time can lead to the gums receding, exposing the root surfaces of teeth which are easily susceptible to tooth decay because they do not have the protective cover of tooth enamel. Decay on the surfaces of tooth roots is not easily treated and the success rates of fillings or restorations placed are also poor. An alternative pathway of progression of such plaque and tartar build up is that the bacteria from the plaque can cause gum disease which eventually leads to the teeth roots. Gum disease or periodontitis, once extensive can cause bone loss, and thereafter can only be treated with periodontal surgeries with concomitant antibiotics and prolonged use of mouth washes or Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment

Certain daily and routine foods that we consume such as coffee, chocolates, wine and turmeric may also cause staining of teeth and may promote the formation of tartar. Pernicious or harmful lifestyle habits such as smoking and the chewing of gutka, paan or zardi may also leave stains that cannot be removed by routine tooth brushing.

Our professional team at Dental Studio can give you such professional care that is directed at your complete oral health and ensuring that such plaque and tartar do not build up to derail your personal and social life. This prophylactic and protective cover that we provide you through the professional removal of plaque and tartar through scaling and polishing would prevent bacterial accumulation on your teeth which predisposes to tooth decay and thereafter more expensive and extensive dental treatments.

Scaling and polishing as such is a short procedure using an ultrasonic scaler that is usually completed in 30-45 minutes. We also offer you value added services such as Laser Assisted Desensitisation to relieve you of any tooth sensitivity you may face after scaling and polishing
We recommend you do such professional scaling and polishing of your teeth at least every 3 months

We endeavour to provide you comprehensive and preemptive care directed at a wholesome, fulfilling and rewarding life